Setalux D A 450 BA-X

Setalux D A 450 BA-X

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  • Setalux D A 450 BA/X

    Type                          Polyisocyanate cross-linking Acrylic Resin
    Characterization              Hydroxyl Content: approx. 2% on solid resin
    Form supplied                 approx. 50 % in butyl acetate/xylene, 1 : 1
    Uses                          As the polyol component in the formulation of

                                  fast-drying two-component polyurethane coatings
    Property                      Value     Unit of measurement      Method
    Hazen color value             ≤ 50                            DIN EN 1557
    Acid value                    4 ± 2         mg KOH/g          DIN EN ISO 2114
    Viscosity at 23 °C           4500 ± 1000   mPa·s            DIN EN ISO 3219/A.3
    Non-volatile content          50 ± 2        %                 DIN EN ISO 3251

    (1 g resin/1 ml TKP*/1 h 105 °C)
    Disflamoll® TKP (tricresyl phosphate)
    Hydroxyl content, supply form  0.8 to 1.2    %                 DIN 53 240/2
    Water content                  ≤ 0.1        %                 DIN 51 777/1

    Other data*
    Property                    Value      Unit of measurement       Method
    Equivalent weight           approx. 1700
    Density at 20 °C           approx. 1.01     g/ml              DIN EN ISO 2811-2
    Flash point                 approx. 23       °C               DIN EN ISO 1523
    Hydroxyl content, solid resin approx. 2       %
    *These values provide general information and are not part of the product specification

  • Setalux D A 450 BA/X

    Solubility / thinnability   Setalux D A 450 BA/X can be thinned to a solids

                                content of 20 % using esters, ketones and ether

                                esters. However, the solutions formed must be

                                tested for their storage stability. Toluene and

                                xylene are suitable as diluents.Only PU grade

                                solvents should be used (< 0.05 % water).

                                They should contain no other reactive impurities

    Compatibility              Generally speaking, Setalux D A 450 BA/X is

                               miscible with the Desmodur®grades listed. However,

                               the combinations must be tested for their

                               compatibility. Setalux D A 450 BA/X can be mixed

                               with Desmodur® HL*, IL, L, N 75, N 3390and Z 4470

                               It is also compatible with certain nitrocellulose

                               chips, various vinyl copolymers and other Setalux

                               D A grades. Setalux D A 450 BA/X has only limited

                               compatibility with Setal grades.
                               *With increasing age of the polyisocyanate,

                               incompatibility may develop between

                               Setalux D A 450 BA/X and Desmodur HL.

    Properties / Applications  Setalux D A 450 BA/X is suitable for combination

                               with Desmodur® N 75 or to formulate fast-drying

                               two-component polyurethane coatings, e.g. for the
                               industrial furniture finishing. It can also be

                               combined with other Setalux D A grades to

                               formulate primer surfacers and fast-drying

                               automotive and industrial coatings.
                               With Desmodur HL as the co-reactant,

                               Setalux D A 450 BA/X yields extremely
                               fast-drying coatings which are soon dry enough

                               to sand and stack.

    Storage                   When stored in sealed containers at temperatures

                              not exceeding 30 °C, the product will remain stable

                              for 12 months.

    Labeling and REACH applications    This product data sheet is only valid in

                                       conjunction with the latest edition of the
                                       corresponding Safety Data Sheet. Any updating

                                       of safety-relevant information
                                       – in accordance with statutory requirements

                                       – will only be reflected in the Safety
                                       Data Sheet, copies of which will be revised

                                       and distributed. Information relating to the

                                       current classification and labeling,

                                       applications and processing methods and further

                                       data relevant to safety can be found in the

                                       currently valid Safety Data Sheet.